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One needs to make exclusive deals with the choice of the exclusive use venues. There is a need to consider the hiring procedures, deals and almost everything else that can be a pretty great job with the booking and viewing the venues with different styles. There are also other deals in terms of the timings, offers, catering as well as the remaining portion of the overall package. At the exclusive use, one can get the best-planned ideas about the exclusive use pattern of the venues that can be a place to give one the complete set of things. The calm, relaxed, as well as the more enjoyable environment, is something that can excite the mood.


There are a number of top exclusive use venues. So, let us go through the following list.

  1. Otley’s mansion is a grand and exclusive use top wedding venue that is located in Surrey. This can be the perfect location for the grand country mansion styled house that can be a perfect wedding venue suitable for the exclusive use.
  2. The main manor is also a perfect country wedding venue that is located at the Surrey-Hampshire border. This is a perfect specialist, a barn-style wedding venue that can be available for any of the purpose.
  3. The Notley abbey has proved itself to be the award-winning wedding venue suitable for the country house pattern and is located in Buckinghamshire.

There are many other locations and venues that can prove to be the top exclusive use venues in the UK.


The Clearwell castle located in the church road, Clearwell, can prove to be the best castle styled exclusive use wedding venue at the Gloucestershire. This is a fine wedding venue. The timing of the mansion is amidst among the tranquility of forest of dean. The venue is the best in terms of the idyllic, perfection of the fairy-tale environment which can make the day a memorable wedding. There is a provision to hire the spectacular ballroom that can give one the grand setting. There is also the provision to get the 75ft aisle as well as the leaded glass crystal clear windows that can be a unique setting. Such an elegant hall along with the accommodation of about 150 guests can be a great one for the wedding breakfast. The new cellar can also accommodate about 250 guests. One can choose to party hard with such a provision.


The tranquillity and the closeness to the nature that can be actually felt with such venues can e can admirable one that can make the ceremony to match the choice of a number of guests. Such a wedding ceremony can prove to be a memorable vent for the lifetime.

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