Is It Illegal To Watch Movies Online For Free?

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There are a lot of people who do not go to the cinema halls to watch movies. Instead, they watch it online for free without buying anything. There is a common question that if it is legal to stream movies online for free as the production company does not make any money from your view. It depends on various factors and the laws of your land. In some countries, there is no restriction as long as it is not leaked before the release of the movie. If you are new to this concept, you must be wondering where can we watch movies online for free. Well, a regular visit to 123movies will be a perfect beginning as you get all the movies and TV shows under one platform. For the legality issue, the followings are a few points for your consideration.

What Is Truly Illegal In The Movie Industry?

If you stream a movie before its release date just because it has been leaked on a particular platform, you can get into legal issues for that. The matter can exaggerate when you’ve downloaded it before the release. This is because anyone will consider the fact that you are downloading the movie for distribution and the wider it spreads, the less money the production company will make as fewer people will go to the cinema hall to watch it. Therefore, if there is a movie out before its release date, you should neither watch it out of curiosity nor download it by mistake.

Moreover, there are platforms which upload the latest movie as soon as the movie is out. This also counts as piracy as the production company never gives out the right to rent or download the movie from official platforms within the first week of release. Therefore, if a platform is uploading new movies within one week of its release, you should ignore it.

Where Can We Watch Movies Online Legally?

There are certain platforms like 123movies where the latest movies are uploaded aftera few weeks of its release. They rent the movie or download it and upload the same for the viewers. This is the most legal depending on your country’s laws. Most of the countries where it is illegal, the government bans the site. However, it is absolutely legal to watch and download past movies that were released 3 or more years ago. The production company will not issue any flag and they are even available on other popular platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video for free. Therefore, if any movie stream platform is not banned in your country, you can watch the movies safely. However, you should refrain from downloading the latest movies and wait out a few months before you do it.

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