Music Has the Power to Bridge Gaps in Our Global Society

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Music is not just a melodious tune and lyrics that you listen to on playable devices. Music is considered to be much more than that in terms of its influence as well as power. It has the sheer ability to influence the hearts and minds of people around the world. There are different styles of music which work in accordance with establishing an effect in human beings that sway a deeper emotion into them.

This one aspect of music can be used in many ways. Researchers and artists have delved in different measures by which they prove the core benefit of listening to music on the minds of people. Since music can instill a more profound effect in a person, different styles combined with different instruments are used to create a tune that would fulfill the objective.

Music is a powerful tool with respect to activism. Many mass campaigns and social movements have been run using the power of music. Flip the history, and you would find thousands of instances regarding music being used as a tool of activism. This is primarily because music has an ability to influence people, push them to think on a deeper level and extend some sort of effects by which they feel moved and empowered.

This aspect of empowerment is a strong feature of music that artists around the world have come to understand. They use different techniques to instill the effect of empowerment in them. When people feel empowered by music, they pick up a strong influence in music which positively works on them.

An excellent example of an artist who is engaged in making people influenced by music remains Omen44. He is a Japanese rap artist who is most notably known as the President of The Plug International. Omen44 has released a number of records and sought after by people both in Japan and the United States. Omen44’s music has a strong ability to compel people to think. The composition and music style works hand in hand in establishing a transcending effect on people.

Omen44 is a good example of an artist who is bridging gaps in the society and culture, by invoking a deeper sense in the hearts and minds of people. It makes us think about what further could be achieved with the incorporation of music as a powerful tool for activism.

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