How Much Can A Professional Elo Booster Earn?

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Elo boosting is a technique where a professional League of Legends player with lots of experience plays for someone else using their account, with the purpose of increasing their rank and position in the game. With LoL being a very competitive game with a lot of bragging rights, elo boosting is popular enough to warrant even groups of people who specialize in providing boosting services. l9 boosting is one such example.

So what does it take to be an elo booster, and how much do they earn?

There are stories of college students who make hundreds of dollars a month playing League of Legends, without actually participating in eSports tournaments. These are elo boosters. They also make a good amount of money as the venture is often profitable. For example, if you play on behalf of a Silver player in League of Legends, you can expect to earn several hundred dollars if you are able to climb to Platinum or Diamond for the boostie.

The higher the elo, the more time it takes to progress. So elo boosters charge increasingly higher amounts to boost higher ranked players. Individual boosters start out small, helping their friends or acquaintances rank up. But as they gain popularity among the gaming community, their recognition increases. Since LoL has a fairly large active user base who are hell bent on levelling up and staying a cut above their peers, elo boosters will regularly receive work through aspiring League of Legends gamers. And if the booster is part of a wider boosting service, company or collective, it can be easier to boost multiple accounts and make money quicker.

Now some people might argue that using elo boosters would take away from experiencing the joy of managing to level up by yourself, but being multiplayer game, it is not as easy as it sounds. If experienced players take over your account for a short period of time, they can safely navigate the competition and help you achieve a higher rank. Conversely, if you are highly ranked player, they can help you by preventing you from moving down the ladder.

There is an argument against elo boosting that speaks about compromising your account’s safety by sharing the details with someone. Elo boosters are professionals. Services like l9 boosting offer boosting for nominal fees and guarantee results along with the security of your account.

Many happy customers of elo boosting testify to the fact that they have had nothing but good experiences in using the service. These players have repeatedly failed in their quest to achieve a higher rank before turning to take help from a booster. The fact that their expectations were met have made many come back to elo boosting repeatedly.

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